Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Can Have My Day Preston!!!!

My Dearest Preston,
Your 5 year old, you cutie!!!!
I am such a terrible Auntie!!! I love you, A LOT, but I forgot your birthday!!!!
Your birthday was on August 24th.
I am sure you had so much fun!!
How could I forget that?
So instead of telling funny stories about me because,
(today is my birthday)
I am going to give my birhday blog day to you!!!
mabe i will make up for it!
sooo, here it goes!
Your such a smart funny little guy!
You look like your daddy too!
I can even prove it!
Here is a story about you writen by your daddy.
(who loves you very much by the way!)
"Terra (Prestons mommy) sells things on ebay and does really well with it. She is a great bargain shopper and turns around and makes a good profit. So our kids will see things that she has bought and will show interest in them.
Sometimes, when they are toys, they will originally think that they must be their toys. Well today we were driving in the van when Terra sees Preston pick up a toy in it's box and Terra tells him to put it down because it is for ebay. Well after hearing this about several items he askes us if he can go over to "ebay's house" to play with all the neat toys.
For who knows how long, Preston has been thinking that we have been two-timing him and buying some boy named ebay all sorts of neat things and he must have been wondering why we keep buying this boy so many more toys than he gets and he hasn't even met him.
The poor boy thought we were showing favoritism to a boy who doesn't even exist."
I hope your birthday was amazing, JUST LIKE YOU! I love you Preston!
Kisses from your old and forgetful Auntie!


  1. Awwww soo sweet Lorri!! Preston is a wonderful kid! I love that boy!!! :)

  2. Thanks Lorri! I will show him that next time he comes over!

    Love you,