Friday, September 18, 2009

Korean Drama I Dream It!

The Road Home!
If you want to watch it go HERE
but I must warn you it can become quite addicting.
Happily they are so much more morally clean than the ones we watch here in the USA!
You should try just one episode for your self. You'll see!
I have a TV station that shows them. But I am not happy with the the new Drama so I might be sitting at this very computer (notice Verizon guy thinks its OK to use said computer right now) and watch a new one.

I love the drama. I have watched others.
They make you laugh and cry (OK sometimes) but it is a different way to look at things. Reading the translations will give you a good laugh too! I realize I have it pretty good because I don't have to sleep on the floor every night. I hate seafood and they have seafood pretty much for all meals!
UGH! I guess I would have to get used to it!

High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth

Here is the one I just finished. I really enjoyed it. I think they calm me!

Two Wives

This one looks interesting. You know the one where the husband was getting a divorce, and found a cute young thing to marry.

Before things could be worked out, he was in a car accident and has

duh duh duh.....



you can find most Korean dramas on
Yes they are sappy and a little goofy now and then. But it sure beats some of these shows on TV. Just try one for me! find one you wanna watch, I will watch with you and we can discuss it! SO FUN!!!! Thanks for listening too my little nutty passion!

Go find your favorite...On your mark, Get set, GO!

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  1. Oh my Lor! ;-) the girls told us about you and your shows! lol! love you!