Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here She Is!!

Meet Little Miss Avery

 All ready to give her parents a hard time!
She is giving them the LOSER sign already!!!
Good Luck Arli and Jake!
I cant wait to be a Nana!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's Your Guess?

I have a BEAUTIFUL grand-baby on the way.
He/she should arrive around 
July 25, 2012.
I'm sure you noticed that I didn't mention specifically
whether my sweet grand-baby will be a rough and tumble boy,
or a sweet and soft girl.
That is because we wont know until Friday.
Yep, this Friday!
Let's play a game.

Let me know what you think 
the most beautiful
baby in the world is going to be.
Boy or Girl.
I will let you know this weekend!
How do I know that this will be the most beautiful baby in the world?
1) It will be Arli and Jake's baby
2) Any relation of mine will be beautiful
3) It is MY Grand-baby!!!