Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 30, Uncle Elder Thorne

Sorry for no letter last week, but the good news is that I have LOTS to share with you this week! News update, I am staying here another transfer! By the end of this nest transfer (Sept 11th) i will have been in Roseville for 9months.  That's a record! Its more than a third of my mission in one place. Elder Wright my newest greenie is getting transferred to a Spanish ward so he can use his language and I'm getting Elder Livingston. He is a good missionary. President Weston made it pretty clear that I am getting transferred next transfer. so if your going to send packages do it sooner rather than later and send it to the mission office not my address in Roseville. I also need Emily Gerhartz's address in NJ. please send that to me asap. This last week was chalk full of miracles!

So as you know I had that incident with the man at the library (JERK). I went and complained to the library but what I heard surprised me...Kinda. You see they told me that the stuff he was looking at wasn't banned.  I was VERY disturbed by this. Yet kinda makes sense since its California. They told me that if I was offended that they could go and get him a privacy screen. I am totally beside myself at this point and now I am teaching the head librarian the powers of the adversary and about the plan of salvation and how as a representative of Christ I can feel that the spirit is not in their library. That I was appalled that a public library would allow someone to look at such damaging pictures. There are children that go to thilibrary what if one of them saw was he was looking at? it could do serious damage! I got some eye rolling by the IT guy when I was talking about the plan of salvation and the head librarian told me that there was nothing they could do except offer him a privacy screen. I told them that they needed a serious overhaul of their morals and that they needed to consider changing their policy. I then left. But to everyone's surprise there was no yelling or temper tantrums or any sort of attention drawn (like i would normally do) I was polite and cordial. I spoke sharply but lovingly rebuked the city of Roseville and their internet use policy. I told them I would not be back. So we got permission to email at the family history center and this is MUCH better!
So Monday morning during study Elder Wright and I felt that we should teach this part member family that we have been teaching about fasting. He committed to baptism about 2 weeks ago but wasn't sure about the Book Of Mormon and so we hadn't set a date with him. These last two weeks he diligently read and prayed. Then on Monday we felt inspired to talk to him about fasting and how that will help show Heavenly Father that he wants to follow his will. so Monday evening at our lesson with him we invited him to pick a day this week and to fast and pray about the  Book Of Mormon. We told him that we wanted to fast with him and that he should text us the night before so that we could fast the next day as well. so Wednesday night we get a text from him saying that he was going to fast on Thursday. so that night in companionship prayer we prayed for Niel. We asked God what day He wanted us to invite Niel to be baptized on and we paused. During the prayer i got the distinct impression of 25 and Elder wright got the Distinct impression of the 3rd Saturday in August. well Guess what the 3rd Saturday in August is? the 25th! So the next day (Thursday) we had a lesson with him in the afternoon. The lesson went Flawlessly. We taught the end of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was perfect because we were talking about baptism and the HG. Then in the lesson there came a moment where he said something (i wish i could remember exactly what it was) and the Spirit YELLED (quietly with a still small voice of course) at us that NOW was the moment to commit him to a date. I looked at Elder Wright with AMAZEMENT and gave him my classic David wide eyed glare. Elder Wright then extended the invitation and it was received well. We invited him to be baptized on the 25th and he said that he felt that the holy Ghost had been prompting him this whole time that this is what he needed to do that this was the path that God wanted for him. He said that he just wanted to be a leaf in the water. Have the Lord just guide him where He needs him. I was so touched and I just wanted to cry out with thanksgiving to God. Which we did when we got out of the lesson and I was just so overwhelmed by the spirit.
So Elder Wright and I decided two weeks ago during weekly planning that we were going to find more investigators more searchers so that we can refill our teaching pool because Liz and Jill are getting baptized august 4th. So we made a conscience effort to find new Investigators that were searching for the truth. Then Thursday morning we got a text message from church HQ for a referral for a family. They just moved here and their cousin is a member and referred them to the church. We showed up on Thursday and talked with them a bit and committed them to baptism. Then yesterday their whole family of six came to church. They have 4 kids and they all LOVED it. We met with them last night and committed the whole family to be baptized on the 1st of September. We are so excited for them. On moms birthday we will have had 10 baptisms in 2 months. I say that's pretty good. By moms birthday I will have 12 baptisms Here in Roseville. Not that I'm counting or anything because to tell you the truth NONE of these Baptisms have came because of our efforts as missionaries. We didn't tract into them or contact them on the street. It was ALL because of the efforts of the members we just happened to be the lucky missionaries that are serving here at this time. I feel so blessed to have a part in this work. I have had several moments in the past week and took a few minutes to think about this work and the miracles I am seeing and I was totally overwhelmed by the spirit. I felt so humbled that me.. of all people.. got to take part in such a wonderful work of helping these people, Gods children, Back to Him. I was so overcome I felt as if all I wanted to do was Sob. I have NEVER in my whole life felt this much joy. Bringing Souls to Christ is the hardest but the most rewarding thing I have EVER done. I wish I could just share with you all the feelings that I have had this past week. To top it all off I am officially Uncle Dave. Hopefully I don't end up with a belly like Uncle Dave. ;) love ya uncle Dave! 
I want you all to know that I know that this is the Lords work, the Lords church, and He directs it. If your not sure of the things I say, PRAY ABOUT IT!! If your not sure about going on a mission or you come up with excuse after excuse to not go or why you shouldnt, THEN STOP, AND PRAY ABOUT IT! Because I know that the Lords answers prayers if your asking with REAL INTENT!! I Love this work, I LOVE my God and I LOVE my savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity to grow and become the best preisthood holder I can. I know He is working many mighty miracles on this earth and that I know because Im living proof that miracles happen, that God loves us, and that the atonement is REAL! 
I love you all
Elder Thorne