Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As you can see from the posts recently that my family is large and getting larger by the day.
Although I dont THINK anyone is expecting a baby right now we have 3 young ladies that could.
But just remember the term YOUNG.
I thought I would put our Birthdays here on this blog until I could figure out a way to keep them on the side, so we can all remember the real dates
(I cant tell you how many times I got It wrong!)
If you know how to keep a list down the side of my blog please let me know! Thanks!
And Happy Birthday!!!
Tinney Tribe

Amanda 3/13/84
Sam 9/2/88
Bobby 9/23/92
Sadi 12/10/93
Cody 1/12/96
LeeAnn 10/1/70
Bob 6/12/62
Ethan 11/13/04
Tytan 12/2/06
Witty Worden's

Ashli **12/20/85
Adam **6/2/84
Ali **9/7/88
Kali **7/2/08
Whit **8/25/90
Trent **10/29/1999
Ian **9/30/67
Lesli **11/23/67

The Loud Family
David **5/14/87
Arli **2/8/89
Jake **9/4/86
Danie **1/26/92
Taylor **12/27/95
Lorri **9/3/65
Rick **5/5/63

Team Tanner

Lindsey **10/2/94
Nikki **3/31/96
Austin **7/23/00
Shelley **4/19/73
Len **7/17/69

Thee Tanner's

Preston ** 8/24 /04
Tracen **1/26/06
Kelci **7/14/08
Terra **4/3/82
Nate **9/6/78

Friendly Fellows

Hayden **10/4/98
Tanner **5/3/01
Breckyn **11/19/03
Caison **7/7/07
Tiffany **7/19/75

Grandpa and Grandma Elaine

Elaine **12/17/**
Dad **12/6/**
This is in NO way meant to take away the fun from your own birthday when I post i t! We just need some kind of reminder for now!


  1. Perfect!!! Thanks sis!! LOVE YOU!

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  3. You should be able to add it to the side pretty easily. From your dashboard all you have to do is click on the part to customize your layout and 'add a gadget'. I think there is an option to add a list or plain text. That should let you save it to the side and arrange where it is on the side (just like when you added the blogs to the sidebar).
    Good Luck!!!