Friday, June 22, 2012


Photo: This is our Mountain. It is scary out here right now
This is the fire near our house.

We are waiting to hear if we get evacuated.
We might be told any time.
We are packed and have our stuff in the car.
I cant find my important papers yet.
I know what they are in, but I cant find those folders!
We are a little nervous.
But so far we have not been given the get out orders~

We will let you know what happens.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Elder Thorne 6-11-2012

David is training an Elder from Florida.  This Elder has to wait for his visa so he is in CA until it comes through.  I am sure it is a great experience for both of them!  His Mission President must have a lot of faith in Dave to have him training so early!  I hope and pray each day that Heavenly Father will Bless him to be the best trainer possible!  Enjoy...

Keep working hard. I know that the lord will bless you. Everything will happen when its supposed to. You just have to keep having faith and TRUST in God. You will recieve all that you need. 

This week has went by so fast. training is going good. its hard but its going. He is from florida, we have been having communication issues, but nothing serious. We are working on them. I Think i talk to fast for him. He is from a small town in north florida, about 10 mins from georgia and I am almost positive my Jersey Pace is hard for him. He is a good missionary but he moves slow talks slow and thinks slow. NOT necesssarily a bad thing! Im learning to slow down and he is learning to speed up. its working out. I dont HAVE to learn portugese but im going to try. He is waiting for his Visa so he can go to Brazil.

 I think that Avery is coming the first week or two in july. Mark it down that i said so!! IM GOING TO WIN THE BET!! ILL HAVE THE BRAGGING RIGHTS and LIKE ALWAYS ILL BE RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!  Some things NEVER change! :D

We had a baptism on tuesday and our investigators are progressing nicely! Kaity and Ramone are excited for their baptism. Its July 14th. I cant wait. I dont have much time but I LOVE YOU and ill email next week. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elder Thorne 5/28/12

**I love this goes to show you that our Heavenly Father is a Forgiving Father!!! **

So the past week and a half has been crazy. So since the begining of the transfer Elder Christensen and I have worked hard, but we were met with adversity from the very begining. we decided that we were going to work on less actives and part member families because we didnt have any promising investigators who were really progressing. about that same time we were asked by our mission president to meet with our High Council rep and discuss the missionary effort in the ward. So we a few weeks later we Finally met with our High Council rep. After we met we were invited to start were working with the High Priest group leadership and the Elders quorum presidency as they made visits to ward members every tuesday. We Jumped at the opportunity. After that point I think they then began to understand how hard we were really working and how much were were getting accomplished. They said that everytime they made a visit to someone they learned that we had already met with them or had been meeting with them for a long time. they were very surprised. They thought that they should Unite with us in our efforts to meet with members so that we could be more effective with our visits. about three weeks ago we were having a horrible slump (i guess you could call it). we were working super super hard doing EVERYTHING we could. Somehow we werent seeing the fruits of our labors. We had lesson after lesson cancel and went two whole weeks without one single lesson with Investigators. It was really rough, we had investigators stop meeting with us we had litterally NO non-member work. So we decided to really focus on the less-active work in the ward. I was getting down about not seeing any success but I quickly realized my sin and prayed and asked for forgiveness. I knew I needed to be more dedicated. As we dedicated ourselves more fully to the Lord we started to see something change. We have an investigator named kaity. Her fiance was in jail and we taught him before we taught kaity and before he went to jail. because he went to jail kaity started to meet with us. So we taught kaity and we taught paul but we hadnt taught them both together. The begining of last week paul got out of jail. We had a weak commitment from kaity to be baptized but we hadnt met with her in two weeks so we were nervous. Wednesday of last week we finally met with them and to our surprise they were both VERY prepared. They both agreed to be married in the end of june so that kaity and her son ramone could be baptized begining of July. Paul is going to be baptized in september because he cant be baptized until he is off parole. Then on thursday we get a phone call from a member telling us that they needed to talk to us immediately. So we called them up and they told us that they have a friend that is in the army and is coming back into town for a couple weeks and wants to be baptized His name is Tim. so the next day at church we show up and a member brought 2 non members to church we met them and sat by them. they asked elder christensen during sacrament meeting what they needed to do to be baptized! We also had Paul, Kaity and Ramone attend and I sat by them. They had a great time. Then we had Tim and he sat with the family that brought him. We had 6 investigators at church and they all want to be baptized. Tim is progressing well and he has been meeting with missionaries at basic training, he is so prepared and he is being baptized next week. Kaity and Ramone is set for the 7th of july and the other two its going to be awhile till their baptized due to parole. I know that this is all because we were diligent. We have been working hard and just as soon as I gave more to God and relyed on the attonement even more than i was before i started to see the blessings unfold. I am so grateful for my savior and what he has done for me. he has truly been watching over me. I know that as we continue in patience with ourselves and with the lord it is after all we can do that we see the blessings come. I know that the Lord is in my life and has a plan for all his children. We must be obedient and diligent in all we do to see the fruits of our hard work. I LOVE this work! I Have seen SOO much change in my life and i know its because im giving more of myself to my savior. sorry im almost out of time ill answer all your questions on monday. Elder Christensen goes home early friday morning.
Love you keep working hard!!