Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Cousins

My sweet cousin Brad and his BEAUTIFUL wife Dawnette
are looking for a new baby to adopt!
They have a wonderful little guy named Devon
(and he is adorable I might add!)
but would love to add to their family!
This is from their profile...
We are the luckiest family to have been not only blessed with our adorable son, but also his wonderful birthmom who will always be apart of our lives.  
"We may not have it all ToGeThEr, but TOGETHER we have it all!"
Dear Friends,
There is something that is so very dear to us, and that is Family. We feel that families are such a blessing in our life. To be surrounded by people who love you, and want what is best for you. We hope and pray that as you are making this important and difficult decision in your lives, people who love and want the best for you and your child will surround you! Thank you for your selflessness, your strength, and your courage. In this letter we want to share a little about ourselves, hoping that in some way you will be able to know who we are.
A little about Devin
I am a very active 3 year old that keeps my mom and dad busy all the time! One of my favorite things right now in life is "Cowboys", I love everything about them and even have my own saddle to go along with my boots, spurs, chaps & vest, hat, and belt with daddy's belt buckle. Being a Cowboy is not my only passion; I also love to play sports, ride my bike, listen to "the chicks dig it" song, eat candy, watch TV and movies, and play with my fifty+ cousins. I am a happy go lucky boy, but I have my stubborn side too! I am a lucky little guy, not only do I have my great daddy and mommy but I have the sweetest birthmom and family that I share my life with too and love them so much. The only way life could get better is to be a big brother.
A little about Dawnett
I am from a family of 5, 1 brother and 1 sister, both older than me. When I was growing up, I spent most of my time playing with my brother, sister, and friends. We spent a great deal of time out in my grandpa’s horse pasture making forts, and letting the family duck chase us while nipping at our heels. I loved to use my imagination and make my own fun like playing house, school, & dentist office with my brother and sister or my dolls. Some of my hobbies growing up were swimming, & tap/ballet dancing. I loved to dance and was in dance classes until middle school, and I could swim for hours and hours at a time. My parents often told me that if I did not get out of the water, that I would turn into a fish! One of my favorite memories during my youth was vacationing with my family. My grandpa was a national park ranger, so we got to enjoy and visit Yellowstone, Arches, and Mesa Verde national parks, where he worked for many years. We also got to travel to fifteen of the fifty states. I loved my childhood and have great memories of it. I owe my wonderful upbringing to my loving parents, who provided me with every opportunity to learn and grow.
A little about Brad
I am number 9 in a family of 11 kids; 3 girls and 8 boys. Growing up in a large family provided many opportunities and events not experienced by most families. Work was a big part of our lives. From my earliest years I remember going to clean office buildings with the family each night. I learned at a young age how to work hard and to help others. We lived on 4 acres and had horses, cows, chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs, and other types of animals at one time or another. We created our own adventures within these 4 acres and amongst the animals. Throughout college I worked in the computer networking and management field and continue that line of work to this day. I am a bit unusual in that I do not have one love or hobby, and cannot really be classified as one type of person. I am a rollerblading, computer fixing, cowboy which all have their stereotype and I fit none of them yet I do it all. There is one classification I love more than anything and that is Dad!
How we met
One of Brad’s niece’s was attending beauty school with me, and one day came up to me and said “I want to line you up with my uncle”. I was 18 at the time and my first thought was this girl is crazy; I am not going out with her 40 year old uncle. She quickly informed me that he had just gotten home from his mission, so I was a little relieved. I agreed to go on the date only if she and a friend would go with. So we went on our first date to the local county fair in 1997. We were both really shy, but we had a lot of fun. Brad lived 6 hours away, so that was our only date. He did try to call me again when he was in town, but I was not home. His niece and I stayed friends, and she was not going to give up until I became her aunt. We were married in 2000. It was the most wonderful day of our lives and we have been each other’s best friends ever since.
Our lives together
We love spending time together as a family. We love being parents to our adorable son Devin; he is such a joy and blessing in our lives. We are so grateful for his birthmom; for her placing him in our arms and lives, and for her entrusting us to be his parents.
We love to go camping to various places with Brad’s family, and traveling with Dawnett’s. We had the opportunity of building our home together along with a lot of help from Brad’s 7 brothers. We framed, set windows & doors, tiled the floors, painted, and did all of the trim and finish work. It was a stressful undertaking, but a very rewarding one also. We love to travel and see new places, especially watch Devin’s excitement as we introduce him to new places and things. Our best times are spent with our families and close friends. We have been blessed with wonderful families, who we love dearly. We love life together, and love sharing it with our son. The most important things in life are our family and the gospel.
Our feelings about you
We pray each night that our loving Heavenly Father will guide and direct you in this most difficult time. We already feel so much love for you and your baby and we appreciate you very much. We hope to be able to meet you soon. We have loved writing letters, exchanging pictures, and having visits with our son’s birthmom, and look forward to that with you. We hope to help in any way that we can to make this transition easier for you. You are a very special person to us, you are giving us the greatest gift anyone could give and we will never forget you. Your baby will always know of your great love and concern for him/her, and will be loved unconditionally. Thank you so much for carrying & giving birth to this baby. We sincerely wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and birth.
With Love,
Brad, Dawnett & Devin
If you have any questions or want to know more go
Good Luck Brad, Dawnette and Devon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bobby The Butt Kicker!!!

It's Here!!!

My dear sweet nephew Bobby had his first MMA in the big leagues on Saturday!
He is no longer a youth he is a man!
Therefore he can fight other men...
you heard me!
He is a beast, if you dont believe me read his birthday post!

It only took him 1 minute and 6 seconds to whip his opponents  hiney!
Yes I said he is a beast!!
Love you Bobby!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Look at my girl!

Arli Nichole

is 22 today! 
She was born during a blizzard in Utah!
The midwife took forever to get there because she couldnt find her "favorite" wool hat!
At least that is what she said, I think she went back to was cold!
My little girl lives in Idaho and I miss her!
She is a great daughter!
Love you sis!