Thursday, May 24, 2012

David 5-22-2012

Dear Ma,
Thanks for the encouraging words. Keep working hard. I'm glad you took the job, that is a blessing from Heavenly Father. Who knows maybe it will lead to another job. Just keep your head up and I know that the Lord will bless the family! Remember to do all the small things so that you bind the lord to bless you. If you pay a full tithe, are reading your scriptures, praying every morning and night then the lord is bound to bless you. "If ye do what I say then I am bound, but when ye do not what I say then ye have NO promise." I know your working hard.

I had a great week. It went by fast. It was really good to see you all and I'm so thankful for the gifts. I had a GREAT birthday. The camera is AMAZING! You definitely spoiled me. I have been taking pictures like a mad man. Its much more fun to take pictures with a good camera. When i send my memory card back please put the pictures on the computer then delete the pictures from them memory camera, so i have more space. Seeing the pictures dad sent makes me homesick especially the one of Devin getting married. I wish I could have been there. I miss him. That's so awesome that Chris baptized his dad. Be sure to tell them congrats. Arli I love the room. I did not know that Ty Detmer what inducted into the college football hall of fame. It makes it that much sweeter. Ty has always been my guy. OH.. if you could email Steve's email address i would appreciate it.

This week has been extra wonderful not just because I got to see you, and celebrate my birthday, but also because I went to the temple this past Wednesday. It was such a breath of fresh air. The temple was amazing and I had a wonderful experiences there. I did initiatory for the first time since i did my own and it was incredible. There were a few names that the spirit was so strong and I knew that they were waiting for the work to be done and that they had accepted it. As if to hear a voice I felt as though someone whispered in my ear thanking me for being worthy to do those ordinances for them. They were indeed grateful. We continue to work hard and have had some success but the work here in Roseville is hard. I suspect that Ill be here till the middle/end of June. Elder Christensen is getting Super Trunky! But its understandable, he is excited to see his family. Yesterday was his birthday and we got to celebrate it with a solar eclipse. It was weird. It got dark and it was just really weird, we saw it through a pinhole thingy. It was cool, I tried to take pictures but it didn't work.
I read a quote this week by David O Mckay it says that " the privilege to work is a gift, the power to work is a blessing and the love of work is success. I've thought a lot about that this week and its so true. The lord put us here to work, even when its exhausting and your tired. The first thing the lord commanded Adam and Eve to do as soon as they were cast out was to work and till the ground. I have been trying to look at things from a different perspective. Really trying to be  Perfectly obedient because being here on a mission working for the lord is truly a privilege and it as been given me by Him. I feel Everyday the strength that is required to do the work that is needed given me. Even though I'm super tired and I feel like i want to just take a break or slow down I realize that I am on the lords time and I cant, then next thing you know I'm biking harder and teaching more. The Power I receive is a wonderful blessing that I know we can all receive. When I have done those two things then I begin to love the work more and more. I slowly start to see more success, not just baptisms but more importantly success in developing the attributes I want to have as a Husband and Father. I'm so blessed to be here on a mission and I am overjoyed at the opportunities I have to help the sons and daughters of God understand the plan of Salvation. I am Saddened at the wickedness and the hardness of the hearts of the people and it reminds me that Christ is coming and i feel the urgency for the work. I'm Excited to keep working!

I know that this work is important and we must always be mindful of the times we are living in and keep working hard at our jobs, our families and ourselves.
Love you all