Monday, October 27, 2008

My Beautiful Talented Niece!

We had our Annual Autumn, Halloween, Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook off, this past Saturday night. It was a blast as always, but I was a little sad about going because my kids are really too OLD to have that same excitement and twinkle in their eyes like when they were little ones.
I am so proud of my girls because it doesn't matter why we go they will always find a way they can help. It could be to help run the games, or take a little one trunk or treating, or just hold a baby (yeah like thats punishment) so the mom could get a break! they are so sweet...even if no one asks they find a spot where needed and pitch in! Great girls! Besides they like to eat chili, get candy and hang out with their friends!

This year I invited Ricks brother Chris, his wife Chrissy and of course my niece Brianne. Chrissy brought her friend Stacy and her little boy Zach.

The kids had a good time as well as the adults. Who wouldnt? Food, cosutmes, Food, candy, cute kids, friends, and Brianne, dont forget Zach!

From the moment Brianne walked in she insisted she needed to be on the stage. Of course she is attached to uncle Rick and he would do anything for her...

This was the result of uncle Ricks love...and the Highlight of EVERYONE'S night! Listen carefully to the cheers!

How can you NOT love that?!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Least Favorite Job?

What do you think your least favorite JOB would be? I have many thoughts, plumbers, garbage man, butcher, baker, candlestick maker and even the dreaded pedicurist.

the cart boy/girl at any of your neighborhood mega stores!

It is NEVER ending!

Why just today I saw a poor guy pushing like 50 carts back into the near cartless store.
I walked my cart to the empty corral where I am sure he just picked all those carts up.
I really did feel bad, and part of me even wanted to run it into the store for him...

I left it for his next trip
turned and walked back to my car
and away I drove
At least I returned it!
Yes, a lot of times it gets left by my car (that is his job right?) Dont make me feel guilty!
I hate that walk, even though I know I can use it!

What would be the job you would HATE the most?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anyone For A Game?

I am a game loving FREAK!

I got Monopoly for us on our first Christmas.

Rick and I played that night, and played and played and played.
Finally I was ready to stop, I was winning!
Rick wasnt, but he was having a ball!
I fell asleep on the floor, he kept playing for BOTH of us!
Rick wrote the score on the lid of the box...I had all the money!
At least he is honest, and we STILL have the box with the winning score! I dont know why he isnt embarrassed?!

Apples to Apples is the Best! I love it cuz you can make any card work any way you gotta be fast talking and smooth (that is SO me!)
We played with my in-laws and all the family and we all loved it, that doesnt happen very often, too often someone doesnt enjoy the game! Not this one

My family in AZ really likes Rummikub!
I dont know is just fun! Maybe cuz only 4 people can play so we have a quieter group, (oh wait that is a lie, we are never quiet besides we always add more people anyway, sometimes there are 10) or maybe cuz you have to think and count.

Maybe just cuz its fun!

I reallly enjoy Trivial Pursuit!
I dont always win but I like to think I am good at this game, makes me feel SMART!
Dont you feel smart when you answer a question?
They have a new version out with three levels of difficulty!
Maybe that will be my Christmas game this year.

(mofia game)

Last but not least we played Mofia this summer when Jake came out.
It doesnt have a board, (wierd) or dice or cards or little people to move about.
You have to be clever, but mostly just a good actor...
Sometimes your the good guy, sometimes the bad!
Mostly you laugh and laugh and laugh!
I played something simular in high school, but this was better.
I guess no matter what
I am a game loving FREAK!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Baby Boy! How I Love Him!!

First let me say...I am not a ONE picture kinda if your not into pictures I am sure you will be bored, but I love pictures! They say more than I can! So read and LOOK on!
My son David is adorable!

I remember the day he was born like it was YESTERDAY! Sadly it was 21 years and 5 months ago today! ( so we will call this his un-birthday...I just want to boast)

MY oldest and only boy!
He loves sports, always has...any type. He can tell you anything you wanna know about them- scores, odds, player rosters, and anything about the March Madness basketball stuff, you know all the stuff I dont!
HE is 6'5" he should know about all this stuff!
He has played baseball, football, soccer, etc.
He played basketball in high school and loved it...we were so proud!
Still ARE!

He has lived at home, away from home, clear across the country and just an hour or so near by. I like the hour or so near by, we can still visit!
YEAH! Visiting is fun!
He lives in Queens, NYC in a really cool apartment!
I MEAN REALLY COOL! I wish I had it!!
It is amazing when your children are young how you love them so much. . .but some how in your mind figure once they grow up you wont have to worry or fret about them 'as much'. . .hmmmmmmmm
If I could repent about those thoughts at all...I would have to say I was wrong, I think you Worry MORE!
when they are young you can pick them up and carry them safely from the danger, or cuddle with them if they are scared. Usually, a five year old will tell you all their thoughts and feelings. Trust me I hear so few details from my 21 year old. His communication skills are more advanced since he was 5, but his desire to communicate his secrets is not a strong...
I love my boy! He has grown into a fine young man!

He works hard!
He has good political ideas! (we taught him well. . .although Grammy doesn't think
so. . . he he! GO McCain/Palin)
He is a wonderful older brother to his 3 sisters!
they truly love him!
Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessing of being Baby Davey's Mommy!
I love him!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Daddy!

This is my daddy! He is my HERO!

He rode a Motoguzzi. . . a really cool motorcycle!
He was in the NAVY!
What a stud!
He traveled A LOT! Florida and Spain are two I remember...of course he spent a lot of time under the ocean in a submarine! Crazy huh?

He is so CUTE! I love his laugh!

Daddy didnt have grey hair until he married mom. . .


and US! Arent we a delight?
He has always taken great care of US!
Thanks Daddy!
I love you! xoxoxo

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who is that Girl? Woman?

So evidently my hair has gotten so long that I was starting to feel the urge to climb into a tower and wait for Prince Charming. So Whitney found a Locks for Love salon and got me an appointment! There are many reasons to go get your haircut at a Locks for Love studio. . .
  1. Hopefully someone will enjoy the hair you donate in the form of a mixture of your hair and other hair in a fine Hairpiece! I love that someone can benifit from my pain in the neck!
  2. The haircut is Free!!! Gotta love that!!!
  3. You get to spend some quite time at the salon.
I was a little nervous getting my hair done, going from LONG to SHORT is kinda scary! But I was really sick of the hair. . .SO. . .off I went.
I continued to be nervous when she put that ponytail in my hair, it was at the nape of my neck! Shirley the cute little hairdresser cried "oh my you have 14 inches!" She moved the ponytail holder down a little.

"phew" I thought Shirley wont have to cut as much off since they only need 10 inches!" Now imagine my shock when it was cut to my CHIN!!! "ok, Lor, just remember some sweet kid can go to school and the other kids wont tease them. . . DONT PANIC" Imagine how short it would be if I only had 10 inches. . .holy cow!
I have to say Shirley is quite the miracle worker. . .as short as it is I have to say "I love it!!!" Now I am hooked, I wanna save a $100 bucks so I can get some highlights!

So tell me, what do you think? Is it me?