Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mrs Thorne, but you can call me Mrs T.

Application Status Check - Results
for Lorri Rae Thorne
Note: Your unique Tracking number on the system is ...

In all correspondence with NJDOE, please indicate your unique tracking number

Last Friday afternoon I found this information on the state web site!  Yes it is about me and my Teaching Certificate!

Number of Applications found : 1

Application Number Date Received : 09/24/2009
 Certificate Type Request Type: CEAS
Status: CEAS Certificate Issued
Comment: ElementarySchool Teacher in Grades K - 5
Today I found in my lovely mailbox
a BEAUTIFUL certificate
With my name on it!
I am fully eligable to Teach in New Jersey!
WHoo Hoo!
PS I am going to try to get a certificate in Idaho, Arizona and possible Utah!
The East is getting to me, I need my family!
anyway back to the...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Arli Barley

Happy Birthday!
21 Oh Golly!
Love You!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taylor Loves to Play!

Taylor loves basketball!
Even though she isnt the tallest on her team she can jump pretty high, so she gets to "Jump" at the begining of the game.
She is a great rebounder.
She isnt scared to g et hurt!
Fall, get up, fall, get up!

Look at her use her booty to "box out".
She is so fun to watch.
More pictures to follow!