Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grand Poobah! IAN!

Ian Loves his family.
He has 3 beautiful girls.
Ashli and Alyssa are married and
 Whitney is all grown up (still living at home) working and going to school!

Luckily they have Trenton too!
Ian LOVES sports, so he gets to teach Trent everything he knows and loves.

Ian is one of the best Grandpa's I know!

Just look at this picture! I truly believe that All the best comes from somewhere inside when we have grandbabies! Everything that makes the world a little better place!

But the best example came from Ian! He has earned his Masters and is now working on his Doctorate.
Look dont ask me the details, cuz I am not sure!
I just know he is an inspiration to those around him!
THE GRAND POOBAH, seems to fit!

Happy Birthday Ian!
We love You!!!

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  1. I thought you did a wonderful job at capturing Ian in this blog! He sure is a great guy! We all love him in our family. When ever my kids have a meet or a program him and his awesome wife and children come and show their support.. He is a wonderful BROTHER! I love you Lorri!