Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have now stopped Giggling!

ok, this is a cute shot of friends at a dance. Danielle, Em G and Tara!
It has nothing to do with my blog!

I know! What was up with that long, long giggle?
Could it be we went to the cabin, in the Poconos? Mind you not a super big cabin, but it was so fun!
There was no maid to wait on you hand and foot!
I wish one of my family members would just rub my feet-
NOT Terra though, I heard she was a weeny rubber!
It was quiet there.

I got 2 books read! Granted they weren't heavy reading, but I wasn't in the MOOD for heavy reading!
Fun, cuz we went with the Rockwell's and they had a cabin next door! Lots of room for kids to run. We went horseback riding...on a trail and the kids had pony rides! Too cute! (You'll see as soon as I get them posted!)

We went to Bushkill Falls. Absolutely stunning!

You have to go sometime!
Or better yet, call me and we will go together!

We found a place to sing Karaoke....be glad you don't have a video of my fabulous version of Muskrat Love!

Friday, April 3, 2009

It made me giggle!

Tim Hawkins; Things You Don't Say To Your Wife

Boy, I sure wish Rick read my blog!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can you tell?

Beautiful Isn't It?
YES, I fell down the stairs again.
I have slid down on my tailbone so many times I am sure
my tailbone will NEVER forgive me.
I might just head to the medical supply store for a pillow with the hole in it, I think it's for hemorrhoids, so I can sit comfortably.
Unfortunately, my arm got the brunt of it this time.
I sat and watch the amazing process of INSTANT swelling and color change in my arm!
Rick took this picture a mere 1.5 days later,
still very swollen and painful and getting more and more
by the moment!
I wish you could see the swelling, it's the size of a softball!
Oh yeah, did I mention it Hurts?
My arm and every part of my body that was jolted around as I tried to save my fanny from pain.
You better be thankful fanny!