Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where do they come from?

I took a break from Law and Order tonight because it was a rerun, aren't they all this week?
I decided to jump on the computer.
(I didn't actually jump on the dang thing because then it wouldn't work at all anymore),

Here is an interesting place to go.
I was looking at my blog and decided to look at this map on the feedjit live traffic feed.
Now I know I am not some amazing blog writer,
I don't have family all over the world and
my pictures aren't spectacular.
However, it is AMAZING to see where people have come from to read my blog.
I am sure most of it is on accident, but golly it is fun!
Maybe someday it will be covered with followers, browsers and friends.
I'll let you know, now back to Law and Order.

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