Thursday, August 28, 2008

Were Off. . .

Or so were supposed to BE!

Why does something so simple seem to take Forever!?!

A trip to the cabin in the woods (sounds so Rich doesnt it) started out sounding AMAZING!

Horseback riding, a lake, river rafting, and a warm cozy bed (cuz I HATE camping) washer, dryer, stove, TV all the comforts of this life!

leaving at 10am doesnt SOUND like a difficult thing. . . for you maybe! But we are the Loud Family and we dont know how to tell time. . . SHOCKING! (sarcasm if you know us!)

Only a few things seemed to go wrong. . .

  • Rick had to work longer than expected

  • I got called into work (GRRRR)

  • my sam's club membership has expired so I couldn't stock up

  • my phone died and the charger is NOT working (double GRRR)

  • my camera battery is dead. . . CANNOT FIND THE CHARGER (whats worse than GRRR?)

It is now 6:00pm and, as you can see, here I sit in front of the computer not leaving... only COMPLAINING!


Will we EVER Leave?

Stay tuned to find out...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's my Family!

So we are a crazy bunch! We have named ourselves the LOUD family!
Oh if you only knew us you would know why. It seems the more we talk the louder we get, and the more opinionated! It is true, but to know us is to LOVE us!

Yes, I have finally begun a blog. The turning point was when Danie Marie, my adorable 16 year old put hers up! Is that what it comes to, I have to compete with my 16 year old? Heavens...

Let me tell you a little about MYSELF.

I was born in England, an Army brat. I love that I was born there although I have only been there once since I was 2. Boy I wish I had that accent! Love IT! I lived in Arizona most of my life and would love to end up there. Give me a break...It is a DRY heat!

I am living in NJ with my husband of 22 years (amazing right?) and 2 of my four kids. Danie Marie and our own Taylor-tots. David, my oldest son and Arli my oldest daughter both live away from home...I miss them but I am happy for their adventures, and Trust Me they have them!

David, my oldest, is 21. He is an adorable young man 6'5" tall. We are not sure where he got those genes, but we love it. He lives in NY right now just here from Texas. I think in a couple of months he will be back to Utah. I can never keep it straight!

Arli, our 19 year old is in Rexburg at BYU-I. She is engaged to be married this winter to a nice young man, Jake Olson. We have a lot to do before then, but I am looking forward to a fun wedding. They will both attend BYU-I, Arli to go into teaching and Jake wants to be a doctor...

I cant believe this new phase in life
Get ready! The gory details to follow! Come on how could I not share?


Danie Marie is a junior this year and has plans of glory! I know she will have a wonderful year, she is a wonderful girl! She inspires me!

Taylor-tots is a 7th grader in all her long legs and talk about boys! She is delightful and funny, sometimes too funny for her own good!

This is just the begining...stay tuned!