Monday, October 6, 2008

My Daddy!

This is my daddy! He is my HERO!

He rode a Motoguzzi. . . a really cool motorcycle!
He was in the NAVY!
What a stud!
He traveled A LOT! Florida and Spain are two I remember...of course he spent a lot of time under the ocean in a submarine! Crazy huh?

He is so CUTE! I love his laugh!

Daddy didnt have grey hair until he married mom. . .


and US! Arent we a delight?
He has always taken great care of US!
Thanks Daddy!
I love you! xoxoxo


  1. what a cute post!! My daddy used to ride a motorcycle too, except I don't think it was as cool as your dads!

    the panda was a reference to Panda Express where we ate linner

  2. I love this post! Dad is really special and I know he would appreciate seeing this-Nate and I will try to get him on our computer to see it. We love you-Terra

  3. thanks, I would love him to see it! I know he knows I love him but I want him to know I have told the WHOLE world! LOL He is a great dad!
    THanks Terra, lure him over with tempting food, that always gets a guy to your has, you havent forgotten have you? hehe

  4. i love grandpa!!! hes amazing and so cute! love you grandpa!!
    danie marie

  5. hey lor
    do you know what year daddys motorcycle is?

  6. Lorri, I love the old photos of your dad. And I enjoy looking at you and your siblings you look at these and wonder wher does the time go? life flies by us doesn't it. I wanted to tell you again that your haircut is adorable and you look fantastic.

    Please tell your homeschooling sister that I would be happy to hook up with her and answer any questions. She can contact me anytime.

  7. Thanks lor! I love this one!

    Love and miss you!
    your baby sis, Les

  8. So I never noticed how much Uncle Nathan looks like him! Scary! haha. And in the picture of Nana and you kids, I can tell which one is you because its TOTALLY me!! SCARIER!! lol. So cute! I love grandpa the most everyone!!! <3

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