Monday, September 28, 2009

My Dear Friend Mandy!

Mandy is a sweet friend who I really enjoy chatting with. 
She has a cool head, I guess she has to, she has 6 kids!!
This is one of her favorite cookbooks (mine too).
We got together with Whitney (her sil my friend) and made some meals from here and froze them.
Whoo hoo for frozen meals when life is hectic!
She has a cute web site for her recipes,
which is great because I like love her recipes!
They aren't hard and I know they are good.
 I Love, love, love her sausage and peppers, love her smoothies and there is even one for Adobo.
Her mother in law is a great cook and has taught her some great recipes from
Puerto Rico.
Go here to see what she has!
PS I know she loves comments. Leave her one or two and let her know how much you enjoy her recipes!


  1. Lorri, you are so sweet! I love chatting with you, too! That was so much fun when we all got together to cook. My freezer is finally starting to empty so that we can do it again. I'm not sure I can live up to your great review, but I'll try!

  2. Oh you can! I have eaten your great food and love hearing about your experiences.
    Hey, I tried the adobo without salt for rick and he likes it! Not as good as the salt version but i am a salt freak! Ok I need to do the freezer food too! lets get whit and go for it! love ya!