Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Weekend!

What a fun weekend!

It was so nice to see Lisa, Suzy, Ryan and Blair!
We went to Ryan's Rugby game...It WAS FUN!!
Suzy looks amazing and Blair does too!
As always Lisa is so sweet and kind to everyone!
What a great friend!

I had decided I wanted to make some fun crafts this weekend.

During General Conference on Sunday
Taylor and I had all the fixings for these fun crafts.
With the TV on in the background, NICE and LOUD
we worked (they weren't hard) and listened 
and cried.
OK, I cried Taylor laughed at me for crying at the silly stories!
I felt the spirit so strong and was so grateful that we were able to listen and learn from our leaders!
The cute crafts were only a bonus!
General Conference was the Best part about the weekend!
I cant wait for October.
But I can promise there will be more crafts before then!