Monday, August 17, 2009


It is Monday and it is Beautiful!
My adorable girls left for girls camp this morning!

): sniff :(
They will have a wonderful time during the HOTTEST week we have had ALL year!
I luckily get to babysit for Jenalyn's little guys,



Good News is... DAVID is home for a week!

WE love when our David comes home to visit!

It was fun to see Dave, then Max
(his HUGE, BLACK great Dane).
Next thing we know Steve is walking in, Dave's best buddy!!
Of course it was MIDNIGHT!
Then again, things like that ALWAYS happen at the

Thorne Bording House, Where It Is NEVER Boring!


  1. Tell Dave we say he and we love him! We can't wait to see the girls! Have a great day!

  2. so much fun. you will get some alone time with dave! i miss you guys and cant wait till the girls come visit~