Friday, August 21, 2009

Hurricane Time!

We are in the mist of hurricane season!

Hurricane Bill. He isn't on land but he is raining on our parade as we speak. Our beach day is rainy, and waves that are normally 1-2 feet high are now supposed to be 15 feet. Many people are heading to the beach just to watch. (not me I hate the beach) We are not, plans have been changed and changed again.

Hurricane Girls Camp. The girls got back from camp yesterday. With that comes laundry, putting away all the camping supplies, and other various items associated with a week of camp. In reality girls camp is really girls Marriott. They are in cabins the whole week, have someone cook for them and if I remember correctly have a whole lot of free time!
Hurricane Arizona. Now that the girls are home they must get all things together for their trip to AZ. Packing way too much, is high on the list of 140 mile an hour winds. We leave from church tomorrow after a baptism of a sweet little girl who used to be in one of my primary classes. We must "fly" to NYC an hour away to get the girls there for their flight. Lets hope that Hurricane Bill doesn't have other ideas for Airline Departures.
Hurricane School follows close behind the girls return. Orientations, school supplies and new clothes are all in the eye of that hurricane. Luckily I have a week to take a deep breath before we have to deal with that!


  1. i hope hurrican bill doesnt mess up the girls flight plans. it will be so great to have them here! i love you goober!

  2. Hey Lorri,

    I always went to to the TJs in Westfield. The address is:

    155 Elm St
    Westfield, NJ 07090

    It isn't open yet, but the TJ website lists a "coming soon" location on the 1 in Princeton -- a much easier drive for you, I'm sure. But don't wait. TJs is a wonderful place to eat your way through a few hundred dollars :)

    BTW, Jason will be in New Brunswick for about a week in October. Anything you want him to bring you?