Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last This Is The Last Post Tonight...Maybe!

Tonight we go to Young Women's camp.
It is a Church Camp for girls ages 12-18!
There is a Presidency of Young Women called. They are bright and spiritual girls who want to serve their fellow sisters.They are beautiful, charming, funny Young Women and I know that for sure because of the 4 girls I know 3!!! So if 3/4 of them ar beautiful and charming odds are great the 4th will be too!
Thursday is a very special night!

It is a mixture of spirituality and fun!

Bishopric Races come first!

Then parents come and eat a WONDERFUL dinner. I must say I am lucky enough once again to know the "cooks". Thanks Debra...Thanks Lynette...Yummy! As Always!

After dinner there is a program and then we are led to a beautiful bon fire by the lake!

The girls in the Presidency dressed as lamanites of old, begin a beautiful story of love and courage from a young lamanite girl. This sweet girl finds a baby in the river, but she sees she is a child of Lily white skin and she knows her people would not be happy with the child.

I love to hear the story of the young lamanite girls quest to find the child's people! Every year it brings tears to my eyes.

After a beautiful program the girls bear their testimonies to those they have camped with.

EVERY Year I am impresses with the testimonies these girls have! Some are strong and some just budding, but I know without a shadow of a doubt they are our future leaders!

My girls LOVE IT!

I am glad they do!!!

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