Friday, August 7, 2009

Do YOU understand teeanagers?

Remember? I told you that my girls say cute things. Like the secret code word for a cute guy! I was so excited to post that and let you get a glimps into my girls. Let me tell you how unhappy they were when they saw my post!

"MOM! You can't tell our secret code word or everyone will know it!"

(like everyone reads my blog!!)

I am NOT allowed to tell you the cute things my girls say. You will just have to be happy with the useless information and snippits of fun that I MIGHT be allowed to write.


  1. tiffer and I use to say "that guy has a sweet spirit" if we thought he had a cute butt! mom use to get so mad at us, well not really mad. i love silly girls..

  2. Then there was always RUFF!!!
    Why did that stick anyway? LOL