Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Give Away!

If you give a girl a pattern
Then she will want to make the skirt.
She will go to get her sewing machine
but find her pedal is missing.
Then she will go to her craft room closet
and pull everything out.
She will realize she has too much craft stuff
so she will decide to ebay her stamps.
Then she will get on the computer to start the ebay process,
but realize she didnt sort her stamps.
She will start to sort her stamps and realize she has a few family members with birthdays coming up.
So she will begin to make some cards.
Suddenly she will feel uncomfortable in her stiff pants
and will want a nice skirt to wear.
She will remember the skirt pattern she wants to win.
She will go to get out her machine,
but find her pedal missing...

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