Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arizona Fun!

The girls are having so much fun in AZ!
(Alyssa, Taylor, Kali, Danielle, Whitney and LeeAnn)
They were able to go to the White Mountains where my dad,
brother and sister all live!
They had fun taking their cousin Brekyn to the bus stop.
(Taylor, Danielle, Brekyn and Auntie LeeAnn)

Thanks so much to my family for having my girls and
showing them such a great time!
I love you!

New shorts to wear to AZ ~ $20.00
Ticket to AZ ~ $225.00

Lifelong Memories of family ~ Priceless!


  1. Im So happy They got to come out!! We had a wonderful time! I love and miss you! Wish you were here too!! xoxox

  2. Lorri, Thank you for letting the girls come out. I really had a great time with them on our trip to SJ & SL.. It has been way to long since I had some one on one time with them. They are amazing YW! You should be very proud you raised such beautiful special girls!