Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home again, Home again

Houston we have a problem! all the pictures I took on my camera phone wont download! STINK! so here we go-enjoy!

Yes, we made it! There and back to our lovely cabin in the woods! We didnt leave anyone behind either. . . AMAZING aint it!

Insert Photo of the fabulous family!

We finally left the house and got on the road around 8:30...UGGGH! Yes the dogs got lost and gratefully a nice lady (who deserves cookies by the way) found them and kept them in her back yard until we came screaming by!

Insert another cute photo of my runaway doggies!

OH THANK YOU DEAR LADY!!! the dear, nice lady, at 6 James. Zoey and Lila's lifesaver-those lucky dogs! She doesnt realize if not for her they would have spent the weekend in dog jail!!! I would NOT have bailed those poor puppies out! (dont tell a soul, but I would have, SHHH)

These were some BEAUTIFUL pictures

Pool shots and Horses

Over the next 4 days the sky was blue, the water clear and the food Great! Maybe it was the fresh air? We laughed, rode horses (just ask my fanny), played games and just plain ole watched tv (I know, I know), we even came home with clean clothes!! I told you this is my idea of camping. . . sooo nice! Four days of quiet, even keeping the house picked up seemed ok. Oh to only be a pioneer! WHAT??!! Ok, I was caught up in the DRAMA of it all! I DO NOT want to be a pioneer and about 4 days was all I could handle, but it was fun anyhow! City girl in my heart, small town girl by birth, UGH!

A wonderful Picture of us grilling and playing cards

Next, tales of my BIRTHDAY. . . Yes I am 39 and holding! But I may have to change it to 29 and holding. . . some of my friends are "younger" than me I cant have that!!!! LOL!

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  1. Camping?? It brings me back to the good ol' days of Girls Camp! What an awesome leader you were!