Thursday, August 28, 2008

Were Off. . .

Or so were supposed to BE!

Why does something so simple seem to take Forever!?!

A trip to the cabin in the woods (sounds so Rich doesnt it) started out sounding AMAZING!

Horseback riding, a lake, river rafting, and a warm cozy bed (cuz I HATE camping) washer, dryer, stove, TV all the comforts of this life!

leaving at 10am doesnt SOUND like a difficult thing. . . for you maybe! But we are the Loud Family and we dont know how to tell time. . . SHOCKING! (sarcasm if you know us!)

Only a few things seemed to go wrong. . .

  • Rick had to work longer than expected

  • I got called into work (GRRRR)

  • my sam's club membership has expired so I couldn't stock up

  • my phone died and the charger is NOT working (double GRRR)

  • my camera battery is dead. . . CANNOT FIND THE CHARGER (whats worse than GRRR?)

It is now 6:00pm and, as you can see, here I sit in front of the computer not leaving... only COMPLAINING!


Will we EVER Leave?

Stay tuned to find out...

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