Monday, September 29, 2008

More Weekend Updates!

Sunday was Nancy's Concert (Rick's Mom).
She is the Director of a Choir at a retirement community. Grammy is very, very talented at what she does and she is Loved by all the charming 'old' people! They are really quite fun to watch and they draw a large crowd!

They took us on a "trip around the world" with their music!
this lovely lady was doing the huki lau! I bet she was 100! She was a HOOT! She shook her boodie at us!

The girls brought Grammy these beautiful flowers!
Pop Pop sings in the choir too! He sings Really LOUD! But he is Really Great so that is OK!!! Your Awesome Pop!

Great, Great Job Grammy! You made the "old people" Sound really wonderful!

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  1. That old lady in the hula skirt...not something I EVER wanted to see.