Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We wanted a garden this year. Or so we thought. I am not a very good gardener, but we tried! Yeah US! I wanted a SALSA garden. Well we got it. Do you know how many jalapenos a jalapeno bush grows? Do you know you cant tell how hot they are by looking? And did you know that habaneros are the HOTTEST chiles you can grow? We thought we knew! Well our tomatoes weren't planted in a very sunny spot but they grew. The jalapenos BLOSSOMED as you might have guessed, and I am not sure where we planted the cilantro. . .hmmm

Needless to say we got some good, no GREAT salsa from our garden! Rick was amazing at chopping all the ingredients just right. The best part was he kept asking me for my expertise in salsa making. . . YOU GUESSED IT THE WORLD IS COMIN TO AN END! He is quite the salsa maker. . . just ask every one at this years Elders quorum BBQ!! Next year I am gonna research gardens a little better so we really have a wonderful crop of tomatoes (I know careful what you wish for. . .)

Yep, you guessed it me pretending to be cooking ( I was cooking just not at that moment see) and using an apron, so not such a great look! I will stick to changing into grubbies before cooking anything too messy!


  1. homemade salsa...YUM!! The apron doesnt count because you are wearing a really cute shirt under it!!

  2. You should have used the Food Chopper to cut all those peppers! Anyway - how are you doing??? Jennie just told me you had a blog. I really need to catch you up on our live - check out our blog. It is AWESOME,he, he.

  3. A salsa garden is a great idea! Nathan loves to make salsa and is pretty good at it too. I agree with emily-the shirt is cute. I love aprons, but want to make my own so they are cute and fit my personality. BTW your kitchen is adorable.