Monday, September 22, 2008

Arli's Wedding

There are Soooo many choices when hosting a wedding!

The biggest problem Arli and I seem to be having is agreeing on decorations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses and of course her gown! I keep telling her I will spend as much money as she needs if she just does what I want!

How hard could that be?
If you want to see her ideas go here
continue on to see my exciting ideas!

Above are the lovely centerpieces I have found. I have thought that it being a winter wedding we should bring as many colors as possible in! Bright and cheery I always say!

This is my Favorite Cake!!!! I think the beauty of the cake is the homemade look it has! It has such Charisma!
Looks like some of the cakes I have made! (Danie says "nuh uhhh! you do better!" What a gal! still inspiring me)

But for something a little different this could be

(Remember the speech about colors!)

Suzy would love this bridesmaid dress! Right Suz?!

This dress is so wonderful! All the ruffles, I KNOW Arli loves them but I am not sure they will let her in the temple. . .
Soooooooo. . .
Here is my pick!
Good Right?

Last but not least here is my dream of the wedding dance (come on Jake!)
go here

Wish us luck! But just remember that in the end I will win the battle of the wedding!


  1. Those ideas are hilarious! I bet Dani and Taylor are glad they are not getting married first so they have time to think of excuses for your ideas:)

  2. No doubt! If I did not actually know you I would be puting poor Arli on the prayer rolls. he he

    That video is hilarious and I totally think they should do that at the reception though! It would be awesome.

  3. Not sure about that cake or even those dresses - but you are RIGHT ON with the dance off!