Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Garrett Is Here!!

My friend Whitney had this cutie pie early tuesday morning! I love newborns! The great thing about having young friends is you can play grandma. . .but only be a friend. Is that called something? If it is let me know, I would like to be called something fun. . .like hmmm, I dont know ?
You come up with something! Then let me know what you think!
Oooo. . . I feel like a grandma, but I am NOT one! Not ready to be one. . . Just working on that wedding stuff! Ugh! I wanna be a great mother-in-law first! Besides when I become a grandma I will be called Nana, not granny, not grams, and not grandma. It is good for others, BUT I want to be Nana! It was my mom's name for my kids and she was a great Nana. Whit was amazing! She didnt even cry! If I was that good I would have a million babies too!
Ash is so adorable, she is going to be an awesome BIG SISTER! The only problem might be if she helps too much!
I think Matty wants to be a doctor. He asks a lot of questions! I am glad I just dont have to answer!
Ben is funny! He likes Garrett fine. . . but lets just wait until he figures out he is going to be living in his house too!

Congratulations Whit and Aaron!

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