Thursday, December 4, 2008

Little Arli

Arli 8 years old at her baptism, Feb 1997

Arli has had many milestones in her life. First, her birth, then her baptism, entrance into Young Womens, becoming a teenager, her first date, her first boyfriend, turning 18, leaving for college, becoming engaged, and voting for president.

Little Arli had another first last night.

She had her first wedding shower .

There are others planned, but last night was her first. It makes it special, and I am glad she enjoyed it so much!

She has had many other firsts and some seconds and thirds. Some were happy, some sad. She will have many more firsts in her life, I wish I could be there to share in all of them!

I am happy she had a wonderful time!

Thanks to all of Jake's family for being there feeding her and showing her a good time!


  1. She is grown up!! Not fair that means we're gettin old too! lol Miss you and love you tons!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That picture is how old Arli still is in my head. (I could recognize the Hometown cinder-block walls anywhere!)

    That was a very sweet post though. I could almost see you beaming with pride as I read it.

  3. She isn't even my daughter and I cried when I read this. I don't want my kids to grow up! I guess that all the stages and new things they do are fun and we are here to help them become their best, but I wish they could stay little longer.