Monday, December 15, 2008

David's Surgery

Last Tuesday David called and told me he wasn't feeling good. I assured him it was the stomach bug we had just gotten over! Bad call mom, it wasn't! We found ourselves at the hospital all night, and I feeling so guilty couldnt sleep. Come to find out he had had an appendix attack! Early the next morning he was taken in for surgery and spent the night again in the hospital. Funny thing is they put this 6'5" 21 year old in the pediactric wing. Whats up with that?

He is doing well, but is sore and not moving as quickly as he used to!
It was quite the adventure! Thank Heavens he is well!


  1. Oh my sweet Baby Davey!!! Is he ok? I hope so. He is baby davey..... he needs to be in pediatric ward!!!

  2. I'm glad he is well. That can be so scary!

  3. My Poor Guy! Tell him I love him! I love you guys!

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  5. We wish him a good recovery. I have no idea of the pain he had, but your story reminds me of when I passed my kidney stones and LeeAnn had to take me to the hospital. I thought something had ruptured in me. It was pretty scary and very painful. Although mine was very painful, I didn't have to have surgery. We wish him the best.