Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Hustle

I know Christmas will be here every December 25th. It never changes, same day every year!
But I cannot for the life of me be prepared!
This year we got our tree up the week after Thanksgiving.
Rick decorated outside.
We listened to Christmas music all day.
Then time stood still!
We did not shop, bake or mail cards.
It was even 70 degrees outside, how could it be Christmas?
We now have less than a week till Christmas.
Will I be ready?
Usually every year we are out shopping Christmas Eve, we grab a guick bite to eat at the mall and hang out with all the crowds.
We are just never ready before then.
This year I wanted to be ready, to have it all done by now.
I wanted to have a wonderful dinner on Christmas Eve.
Something nice, with pretty dishes and maybe candles.
The kids are old enough now.
My dear friend Lisa does. One year we enjoyed the festivities with their family.
I want that.
We will see.


  1. get your bahookie out there and shop and wrap and shop and wrap some more!! Who isnt done by this time?? LOL I just finished my shopping today!! I am NEVER done this early!! Hooray! I have not started wrapping yet at all!! Wanna come help?? Love ya!!!

  2. I am feeling just as unprepared as you. Shopping for five kids this year has really made things much more difficult for me. Oh well, I love Christmas time anyway.