Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a
Wonderful New Year!
I have mixed emotions this year.
We have all our children home for Christmas, but we are missing Jake!
He will have to be here next year to celebrate with our LOUD, Abnoxious,
I miss my Arizona and Texas family! ALOT! You guys are the best family a gal could have!
I miss my friend Lisa! Come back Lisa!
But most of all I am regreting my desicion to invite all the eastern family here to our house for Christmas instead of going to Nancy and Peter's house like we usually do every year.
I love my quick thinking...lets have everyone here!
smart Lor real smart!
Back to the real Message!
I hope Santa brings you everything you want!
I hope your house cleans itself!
I hope you enjoy the holidays!
I hope you'll come visit soon...just don't bet that I will have a clean house!
But you can bet it will be fun, loud, there will be tons of food AND lots of games!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet Lor! Thanks so much! You are the best too! I wish we were there to join in on the fun (and eat your yummy food)! I love you!