Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Job!

Look at me! I am a babysitter!
So this is my New Job.
I am babysitting Whitney Rockwell's 4 (YES I SAID 4) kids! They are all 5 and under!
It really doesn't feel like a job!
I like to be home and run errands or go out when I need to, I like to be able to get on the computer...
(when the kids are sleeping of course!)
Plus, being home gives me more time to work on the wedding!

I only work 1/2 a day on Wed. so I head into John's office and work there. I think there are two reasons I stay with John,
1. I still owe him for my car (only $850 left YEAH FOR ME!) so each week my 'pay' goes straight to my car payment.

2. He can't do it without me! No really! This is the biggest reason I stay. He calls a couple times a week to find out how to do this or where is that? When I come in I get quite a bit done in the short time I am there. We have a lot of fun... believe it or not! Lol!

I have had 4 kids before. They are still ALIVE, so I can do this part time no problem (I hope!).
OK, on to the best part

And the LUCKY kids are...

Ash is in Kindergarten so I don't see her until noon, but what a doll! One girl surrounded by 3 brothers, but she LOVES it! She said she likes it because then she gets all the

Matthew Matty is almost 4.
He was born on Taylor's Birthday! He is a happy little boy, and full of spunk!
(who by the way just woke up his baby brother Garrett so we could go and get a treat. I told him earlier we would have to wait until the baby woke up to go and so he helped things along by waking him. Obviously we are not running out to get a treat, I put the baby down again where Matt can't get him! Your little scheme didn't work Sir Matty!)

Ben is 2. Need I say more?
He is a funny little guy who is discovering his language every day! Sometimes I am lowi, sometimes I am Arli, sometimes I am Taylor and sometimes (ok only once) I was mommy **After he said it he looked at me and realized I wasn't mommy, sorry Ben!**


Garrett is 7 weeks old! He is a sweet baby and I really enjoy him! He isn't difficult at this stage.
Now if I can keep the boys from attacking him all the time, it is a constant battle. "he needs his Binky" "he wants a toy" (yeah sure he does) "he wants to go and get a treat"
(Really, is that right?)
The best one is when Ben wants to stick his finger in poor Garrett's eye or up his nose or in his mouth!

So...I begin my adventure! I know now why women have children at a younger age. I don't know if I could have children at this age! Holy cow! It is so easy to leave with my girls, everyone can buckle their own seat belts. The bottles, binkys and diapers stay home. Best of all, my girls come when I call (just kidding, I am trying to fool ya, did it work?)

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