Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bubble Blowin' Gal

As luck would have it I left the cord to my camera at Rick's office...and downloading pictures is IMPOSIBLE without it, so my CUTE pictures of Six Flags and Halloween will have to wait. ( I did ask Rick to check for it and bring it home...HE ASSURED ME it was attached to our home computer! It is not here. I will gladly apologize for being grumpy about it if he can produce it here! UGH!)

Miss Taylor Loves Pictures of Herself!
Each time I get on the computer I find new pictures of Taylor.
They are all cute...
However, these really tickled my fancy! Yep, fancy words for I loved them!

Remember the joy of a big bubble?
Remember hoping it wouldn't get in your hair when it went....
(Wish it had would have been priceless! sigh)

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