Friday, November 14, 2008

The Cherished Coffee Set!

Grandma Jesse's Coffee set.
I had BEGGED my mom for this set for years! I love the daisies, and the colors are beautiful!
Christmas 2000 my mom and dad came out to visit us and spend Christmas with us in New Jersey.
I was so excited about having my parents with us for the holidays!
A few days into the visit and just before Christmas I happened to think about the cherished coffee set. I asked my dear sweet mother about it again, and when I might be able to 'inherit' it. My mother blew my mind when she told me she gave them away to one of my other sisters. I really can't remember which sister it was, but boy was I upset. I asked her WHY she would give it to someone else when she knew I wanted it so badly. (now you have to know that I was being yelling or screaming although I really, really wanted to) She said she didn't remember I had wanted them and she was SO sorry! Now being the great and beautiful daughter that I am said it was OK and held in the tears I so dearly wanted to shed at that very moment.
Now I know I sound amazingly selfish and snotty, and part of me is sorry I was so upset. But you have to know how much that meant to me.
We got busy with Christmas preparations. Wrapping, school plays, shopping trips in the newly fallen snow. Rick worried so much about my mom not having a coat (she hated them, she was from Arizona for heaven sakes! he INSISTED on her wearing his grandmothers fur coat! If you know my mom that isn't her and she only wore it in the car and then promptly took it off before we entered the mall.
Finally, Christmas day came. WE were all so excited to be together and enjoy our morning. As we opened the presents each one seemed to be special and fun in its own way.
Mom had me open a HUGE box. Now I know what your thinking "yeah, Lorri got the Coffee Set! What a great mom she has!"
Surprise! I had a beautiful new quilt my mom had carefully worked on for me! In fact she made one for each of her children from an old quilt my grandma Jesse had made. As children we often fought over who was going to get the quilt when the time came! Each of us had a good reason for wanting it. My mother played King Solomon that year and cut the quilt up in several pieces and added them to her own creation so we could each have part of Grandma Jesse's quilt!
Imagine my surprise! I loved it and tears filled my eyes!
More presents, more laughter, more surprises!
My mother pulled out another box.
"OPEN IT!" Yelled the kids!
I unwrapped the package...
looked inside, and carefully pulled back the padding inside.
I Shouted with joy, jumped up and hugged my dear sweet mother!
"thank you, thank you thank you!" I yelled and
" you stink, you totally got me!"

Thanks again mom! I love it!


  1. How come I never inherited anything?


  2. Did you BEG? I guess that is what you had to do...I keep begging for guns from dad, I think we have him worn down, you try! LOL

  3. Lorri, I was catching up on Nicole's blog and came across your link. What a fun surprize. And wow Arli's getting married how exciting. Check out the parents link to see our growing family. Can I tell you how great it is to be a grandma!!!! we'sd love to hear from you so drop a comment or write to our e-mail. luv Francine