Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This was my project tonight at Relief Society!

I found this adorable project below on U Create.
She has a link that has all the directions!
Easy Stuff!!!

It will be my next project! 
I Promise!    Happy Projecting!!

I promise to show my results!

 When I am not so upset remind me to tell you about how my serger was "stolen" right out from under me when I went to buy it from the Craigslist lady. She sold it to some one else!   In front of my face!  I really wanted to cry! It was a perfect machine, never used. I guess I wasnt as cute as the young girl who got it!!  GRRRR
Well I guess I told you the short version...
If you want to hear the LONG  version just let me know, but I am warning you it's not pretty!

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