Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloooween!

What a FuN Weekend!
Friday night we had our ward Halloween Party.

Taylor brought Lina and Tati!
They had fun.
Christine, Brianne Stacey and Zachary all came looking adorable in their doctor outfits!
They brought Christopher along as their patient. {snicker}
I am glad they came...but they forgot to say GOODBYE!

Danielle was Minnie Mouse...she looked soooo adorable!

This was our sweet candy holder this year...for the 10 kids that came.
(my $4 find!)
I made the YUMMYEST
Dinner in a Pumpkin.
I found the recipe online and decided I loved the ingredients so I would give it a try!
I forgot to take pictures.  Sorry!  But it was so pretty. 
All the ingredients cooked up in theIpumpkin.
If you haven't had dinner in pumpkin it looks a little scary, but it tastes sooooo yummy!
It has hamburger, some veggies and rice.
You eat the pumpkin...that was the best part!
WE had the missionaries over for our pumpkin treat.
Taylor went out with her friends,
she was a basketball player (clever right?)
They didnt get much candy...too old for Trick or Treating maybe?
Still cute!

It rained so my little Trick or Treaters came home WET!
But Happy!
Hope your day was SpOokY too!


  1. I want to try dinner in a pumpkin. Where did you find the recipe? Can you send it to me or send me the link to find it?

    THanks!! luv ya!!

  2. We didn't get too many trick-or-treaters this yr either Lor...weird. Oh well, more candy for us to eat. YUCK!!!! Ian went and bought 2 Huge bags full at Costco because we about ran out last yr! :o/

  3. recipe is on the way, Jen! I hope Ian bought the good candy all the girls got this year was "old lady" know bit o honey!