Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gratitude Sunday!


I have decided that every Sunday will be
Gratitude Sunday.
It may be something that is so large in my life that Screams at me to share,
or something so small that you might find it silly to write.
Bear with me.  You will see the beautiy in all things!

My Gratitude Post today is the blessing we have to be able to have the missionaries teach
our friend in our home.  I am grateful to the missionaries for all the hard work they do!
They are good hard working young men and have set a good example to those around them!

BeBe is a bright young man who seems he has known the ins and outs of the
 church for many years beyond his short 19.
He catches on quickly and has a humble demenor about him.
He is grateful for the things he has and gets.
He is willing to work hard for those things he doesnt have.

I wish I had his wisdom and insight when I was his age.
I enjoy BeBe and I am grateful he is willing to be taught in our home so we can watch him grow!
This young man has so much excitement for the church!
He commited for baptism the end of December or the 1st of January.
I hope my whole family will be there...they would love it!

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