Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trenton, Where were you born?

I love Trent.
It isnt  because he was named after the capital of the state where I live.
In fact that has nothing to do with it.
I love him because he is sweet, and happy and can throw a football, and catch it too!
I love him because he loves his mom and dad and his dog
named Phoenix
 (the capitol of the state where he lives)!
Dont forget that he adores his niece Kali!
I am sure he loves his sisters too!
I love Trent.
Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!


  1. thank u. you are the best auntie ever and ever. love u. miss u. trent

  2. Lorri,
    So sweet! He had a great birthday. Thank you for thinking of him. It is nice to know we can count on you! :-) You are the best!!! I love you! p.s. GREAT post!