Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Weekend...Yummmy


I woke up earlly saturday morning having gotten a good nights sleep (I know right?)
We had a large box of apples to finish and I had some shredded beef that was just CALLING for some more tamales!
I started out with the applesauce.  I was trying it a new way, with the attachment to the Kitchen Aid.
I have to say it got every little bit out of the skins, and pushed out the seeds and core nicely but it was a bit messy.
Rick said his friend Dave, yes we named our Dave after him
(If your know Dave Brock I am sure your saying "What were we thinking?" {snicker, snort})
said he has a large strainer that is hand cranked and can take the whole apple...hmmm anyone heard of this?
Is it worth it, or is it messy too?
I dont have a recipe.  I just add sugar, brown and white, a little salt and boil them down.  WE really like it chunky so I only cook it down until there are still chunks.
You can see how using the Kitchen Aid isnt as much fun because our sauce is definatly NOT chunky!
After making the sauce I put it in the jars and into a water bath for 20 min.
Unfortunatly, it is gone as soon as I get them canned.  I love canning but I really need a canning buddy. 
It is hard and boring to do by yourself!
Anyone want to be my buddy?
(that is kind of a sad sounding statement)

Apple Pie Filling

For the apple pie filling I made a yummy sauce, peeled the apples and cored and sliced them with a hand slicer.  You know the kind you use for your kids.
I like the bigger slices of apples.
I put them in the jars and added the hot apple pie sauce.
They got the whole treatment, lids and a nice hot bath for 20 minutes.

Arent they pretty?


Tamales are my all time favorite, but I cant find them out here. 
Of course we finally did find them  but they are so dang hot Danielle can  barely eat them. 
Making them is so much more fun! 
Next time we make 5X as much. 
WE are going to have a tamale day only! 
The recipe for the tamale filling is my own creation. 
I am working on the heat a bit, mine are not hot enough, but I will give you the recipe.
I did write this one down.  You can adjust it to your taste. 
You will just have to wait a little bit, I gotta find it.  Sillly me!

Ok here you go...the recipe for Tamales...yummy!
Part of it I  get from the Tex Mex Cookbook
by Robb Walsh
This is my favorite cookbook.
 Take a look. 
It is fun because it is filled with history and recipes plus old pictures!

Mexican-style Tamales
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
4 cups dried masa harina (find it in the baking isle or mexican isle) or one pound fresh masa
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 1/2 cups warm broth or water
1 cup lard, at room temperature
24 corn husks

Combine the salt, masa harina and paking powder in the bowl of an electric mixer.  With the mixer on low, slowly add the broth and make a moist dough (if using fresh add the baking powder and salt, dont use anybroth or water).  Increase the mixer speed to medium and begin adding the lard spoonful by spoonful.  Beat the mixture at least 10 minutes, adding air in the process, until the masa has a light, spongy texture (this is a very important step).  Drop a spoonful of masa into a glass filled with water.  It should float.  If it doesnt, add additional lard and re-test.

Tamale Meat
Beef roast-cooked and shredded (approx 1 1/2 lbs)  you can double this and save extra for another use
2 T butter
2 serrano chili's or chili's of choice chopped finely (this was not very spicy, adjust to taste)
1 small onion finely chopped
3 cloves garlic crushed
1/4  cup chili powder
3 T tomato sauce

2 T water
1 C pureed tomatoes

Cook chili's, onion, garlic until soft.  Add chili powder, stir and cook 1 minute until fragrant.  Add tomatoes, water and sauce, mix with beef.

To make the tamales.
Soak Husks in boiling water 15 to 20 minutes or more.
Spread 2 heaping teaspoons masa in the middle of the wrapper making a flat rectangle.  Put 1 heaping tablespoon down the middle of the masa.  Puick up the sides of the wrapper and bring the lose ends together and fold the bottom over.  I the wrapper is too small roll in an additional husk.
Stand the tamales upright, sealed side down, in a steamer section of a pot and steam for 1 1/2 to 2 hours replenishing the water as necessary.
To store the tamales, freeze uncooked.


  1. OMGosh Looks wonderful! You make me feel like a horrible mom and wife for not cooking canning like you do. lol i love you!

  2. dont feel bad, just bad case of mania! lol! You can have tamales anytime you want I have to make them myself! come help me can and cook...how fun! love ya sis!

  3. Hi Lorri!
    Everything looks delish!

    You got a lot done! How about "canning" some of your energy or motivation and I will buy a few quarts from you! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. You are awesome Lor! Good example for us to look up to! Everything looks & sounds yummy!