Friday, October 2, 2009

Lindsey Lou!

Yee Haw! It's Lindsey's Birthday!
(I just had to do it ...sorry Linds)

Happy Birthday Lindsey!
My niece is such an amazing young woman!
Her family are terrific Christmas card senders.
Every year like clockwork we recieve a beautiful card with a wonderful picture inside.
Christmas letters on the other hand, not so much.
Lindsey decided to write one for her family.
It was so wonderful. Not only was it great to hear what everyone was doing,
(and let me tell you they are busy!)
but boy is she a great writer!
Way to take control Lindsey!

Hope your birthday is the best! Love Auntie!
PS Lindsey is now driving!!!

1 comment:

  1. hard to believe she is 15! where the heck did time go?? oh well... thats why im a grandma! lol