Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Perfect Popcorn

Raise you hand if you know me?
What is my favorite snack?
Like I tell the kids I substitute..."If you were paying attention... it is on the board"
(pretend the title is the board) {snicker}
I was looking around and I found the PERFECT popcorn recipe.
(secret...I already made popcorn this way, but just checking to see who else did!  Yeah!  I love Alton)
I can make it perfect, but so can Alton Brown.
Go here to get it!

After I make the perfect popcorn, I might make the perfect popcorn balls!
Anne Strawberry has a really yummy one!
Sort of creepy and  yummy. 
But, i cant keep them all, I have to give some away.
Remember Zumba...?
Any ideas?

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