Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good Evening!

I am learning a little about myself! I have become a blog stalker! There are blogs about hints and tips. They help my with my food storage. I have found amazing crafts (someday I will do them again) on the Mormon Mommies blog
I love the Mommy's Kitchen I drool on every word! I love the ones that give youstep by step like this one, Kaitlin in the Kitchen! Rookie Cookie has quiet a talent along with Picky Palate.
One I enjoy is Cheat Day Cafe, she is not afraid to try to cook healthy but loves to cheat! YEA!Give me some of your favorite blogs! I love all kinds of ideas! Reading blogs would be fun, it is summer and reading belongs to summer, dont you agree?

Dont worry if I didnt mention you...I still stalk you! The more you write the more I stalk! Kind of my little way of saying I am creepy, but I care!! (ok that is what Taylor thinks!)

Of course since I am 3 hours earlier than most I patently wait for your updates!
COME on GUYS fill me in!

Taylor and I went to the beach with her friend Chealsey and her mother Cindy! What a super family! Unfortunatly...NO CAMERA! but the weather was out of this WORLD!
A beautiful cool breeze blew over us. We laid on the sand and sunned our older but still beautiful bodies (hers is great...mine on the other hand use your amazing imaginations)
Everyone left with a small amount of color! You guesses it Call me Lobster!
I love ya! I miss my friends far and wide. YOur extended family means alot!

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