Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No More School Days!

No more good ole' Golden Rule Days!

Tomorrow is the girls Last day of school!
We are all ready for school to be over!
It takes a lot of energy to get up early and think all day!
June isn't meant to have children in school.
It begs for vacations, swimming, late nights and bbqs!
To think we only have 2 short months to cram all the fun summer stuff in!
Girls Camp, Trek, Pagent, and best of all. . .
This is where we will be for the 4th of July!
You got it Washington DC!
My cousin Jon and his wife Jenny and their 3 CUTE kids are vacationing there this next week.
We are lucky enough to spend a couple of days with them!

I love to see family!

I will be sure to post pictures after the fun has happened!


  1. Funnn Lor... The last few post wouldnt let me comment?? I was so sad! Love you and love to read your blog!! I miss you tons!!! xoxoxox

  2. Aww that is going to be so much fun sis! did you hear anything on your test yet?? I love you!