Saturday, July 25, 2009

** 4th of July! **

I promised I would let you all know about our fun trip to Washington D.C.
We met my cousin Jon, his wife Jenny and their three AMAZING kids, Kayla, Sadie and David. They came to celebrate Jenny's graduation from A.S.U. and Kayla's High School graduation! Kayla has also earned a FULL ride scholarship to A.S.U. Let me tell you she is one smart cookie!
Sadie, is 12 and what an adorable sweetheart! She was funny and cuddly! I loved it since I don't seem to get much of that from my girls any more. I guess they are getting too old...sniff,--- somebody get me the WHAA-BULANCE!
Then there was ADORABLE David! We bonded pretty quickly and I was ready to snatch him away from his family! Unfortunately he is pretty attached to his mom and refused to go!
We drove down EARLY July 4,2009 (can you say 5 in the morning?).
Finding a parking spot was pretty hard, but we were able to find a spot and meet up with Jon and Jenny fairly quickly! It was like we were old friends and had just seen them, rather than not seeing them for years. I think the last time I had seen either Jon or Jenny was at Uncle Jim's funeral.
We found a spot on "The Mall" to watch the fireworks. We had to "stake out our spot" early or we would NEVER have found a spot!We took a little extra room so when we needed to "move over" for someone else we would still have space! Smart huh?

Sad note: we had someone stand up beside us and start filming the fireworks, the people behind him started yelling at him to "SIT DOWN!" then the Bad Words came! So I being the quiet one I am turned around and asked them to stop saying the nasty words because we have small kids(I promise I was nice)...then turned to the stand up guy and asked him nicely to sit down, because no one could see behind him. He suggested they stand up but I explained how unfair that would be because then someone else couldn't see and so on. He sat down reluctantly...and the people behind me were grateful.
One question. Couldn't they have done the same thing and just asked him nicely? Doesn't honey catch more flies...? Or is it Bees? HmmmAfter a long day of sight seeing we headed back to the Hotels.
We had plans to meet up for church at the Ward by the Temple.
I have always wanted to attend church there!
It was so nice!
Some of us strolled and some of us drove to the Temple after church.

The Visitors Center is open (I don't know why that seems strange to me)
It was fun to see the new Joseph Smith Movie. We got some fun pictures around the V.C. and then headed out.
Here are our two Families
Rick, Danielle, Taylor, Lorri, David, Jenny, Sadie, Kayla and Jon Chandler.
I don't know if it was to Jon and Jenny's delight or disappointment, but the girls and I begged Rick to stay another night.
He gave in but I think he really wanted to. The next morning the Chandlers had an appointment at the Spy Museum and we were able to get tickets to the Holocaust Museum. That was really Amazing. We learned a lot and could have stayed there longer but had plans to meet up with Jon and Jenny again.
Kayla, Taylor and Sadie.
After lunch and a few more sights we drug ourselves to their hotel.
We were hoping the kids could get a little swim time in.
THEY DID! Do I dare say that was the most fun they had?
After a light dinner, THANKS JON, we headed home!
I was so happy we had the time we did with them!
I Love MY family and I enjoy spending time with them!
Thank you Jon and Jenny for letting us Crash your Vacation!

David going for the fountain. No, he didn't splash in it!

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  1. Lorri, That is awesome! I am so glad that you got to spend time with them. They are an amazing family!! Love you!