Friday, May 1, 2009

Concert Choir King of the Voices!

Danielle is in Concert Choir.

They are a wonderful Choir of about 40. You must audition to be part of these amazing vocal talents!

Recently they had a trip to Phili to compete in the Heritage Festival. Schools from all over the area compete for Top Honors.
Choirs, Bands, Orchestras etc.
Concert Choir 2008-2009

The 3 day trip was filled with sight seeing, eating cheese steaks, singing in a beautiful old church and best of all...

Winning !!!

Best Choir for their division!


Recieving 2 or more Judges scores of OVER 95!

Winning !!!

Best overall Choir for ALL choirs, bands and orchestras!Congratulations!

It takes a lot of hard work to be that WONDERFUL!
Trust me, they are that WONDERFUL!

Danie the Amazing Concert Choir Singer!

I know they are Very Proud of themselves!

We are VERY, Very Proud of them TOO!

Danie and Alana!
Congratulations Danielle and Friends!


  1. That is so wonderful! I am so proud of Dani! I love you guys!