Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My reality can be so boring.
Each day is pretty much the same thing;
school (work),cooking dinner, no car ~ so no shopping (ugh),
reading, and watching tv.
I admit it. TV is my release!
The best part of TV are the Reality Shows!
They seem to make my boring existance less dull.
I can live through them and become
a Singer
(oh yeah I would win Idol!)
a Top Chef
(I would be the first contestant that Chef Ramsey NEVER screamed at, and because I dont like foul language he would not swear at me!)
America's Next Top Model
(move over Tyra!)
an Amazing Racer
(I love travel, now who to race with?)
Everyone needs a release!
Mine is reality!


  1. Funny Lor! Do you really actually watch all those shows? I know Ian wishes I didn't have a car sometimes, maybe I would stay home more too! :o) I KNOW you are a great singer, but sorry, Kris Allen may have beaten you this season! Hurray for Kris!!!!!!
    Love you sis!
    p.s. you forgot to call me!

  2. lol, you always make me laugh :0)I try to watch T.v. but with only one tv in the house I usually only get to choose between playhouse Disney or Disney movies :0) Love you!