Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have now stopped Giggling!

ok, this is a cute shot of friends at a dance. Danielle, Em G and Tara!
It has nothing to do with my blog!

I know! What was up with that long, long giggle?
Could it be we went to the cabin, in the Poconos? Mind you not a super big cabin, but it was so fun!
There was no maid to wait on you hand and foot!
I wish one of my family members would just rub my feet-
NOT Terra though, I heard she was a weeny rubber!
It was quiet there.

I got 2 books read! Granted they weren't heavy reading, but I wasn't in the MOOD for heavy reading!
Fun, cuz we went with the Rockwell's and they had a cabin next door! Lots of room for kids to run. We went horseback riding...on a trail and the kids had pony rides! Too cute! (You'll see as soon as I get them posted!)

We went to Bushkill Falls. Absolutely stunning!

You have to go sometime!
Or better yet, call me and we will go together!

We found a place to sing Karaoke....be glad you don't have a video of my fabulous version of Muskrat Love!


  1. ohhhh fun Lorr.... I wanna go. cute pix of Danie too!!! Love You!!!!

  2. Come out this summer and we will go! THey have horse back riding, a swimming pool, lake, river, lodge with fun things to do, like arcade games. that is just at the community, we can go to tons of funs spots around. Best part is- WE DONT PAY cuz it is Ricks parents cabin!!!!
    see you this summer

  3. hey lor, that is so awesome.. i would love to see you on a horse again.. i think the last time the horse was ginger or was it misty? didn't ginger buck you off?? lol.. =) sounds like you had a great time. love you all

  4. Nano,
    come too! I am an awesome rider! Probably better than you!!!!! I think I was bucked off more than I care to know...and I think it was ginger because I was too big for Misty!
    see you too this summer

  5. Hey Lorri,

    That is a super cute photo of Dani, Em, & Tara. When was that taken?

    The Poconos for Easter must have been heaven. Do you have a photo of your girls on the horses?

    Sounds like a great week.

    Love you, *

  6. Bushkill Falls is seriously gorgeous - I went there once, a long time ago. So, if we come back out to visit can we stay there???

  7. Come visit and stay nicole! So fun!