Friday, May 15, 2009

Fire Drill

Today I am substitute teaching at the high school for an english teacher, Ms. Vince.
It seemed to be going fine.
Suddenly, the LOUDEST, shrillest, most abnoxous sound came screeching across the school!
A fire drill!
Of course I knew earlier.
It was on the board in the teachers lounge.
Do you think I remembered?
NO, of course not!
I have read the instructions for fire drills,
but I totally had no clue.
Do I lock the door? Stop to take my purse? Wait for the kids or run ahead and save myself?
OH yeah, just a drill, I knew that!
As we 'casually' walked outside I heard one of the administrators say,
"it's taking too long!"
Crap, was that my fault? Should I have left the purse?
I did grab the rolls. I remembered something.
But to top it all off, I didn't recognize any of the kids when we finally got outside.
So now what?
I am so glad there wasn't a fire or I might have lost half of my class.
Who do you take roll of if you can't find them?
(Truth...I finally recognized one long haired, hippy (?) skater kid.) WHEW!
I was in the right spot.
"look cool, Lorri. Act like you know what your doing!"
First fire drill down, I think I can handle this.
Maybe next time I will actually lock the door...It only looked like I did!
Shhh dont tell!


  1. Lorri that is HILARIOUS!!!! Please dont leave your purse behind... Ever in a fire!! LOL

  2. You could claim " I have smoke in my eyes, where's my class?" LOL

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  4. Lor, I actually had a very similar experience substitute teaching. I had no clue what I was supposed to do. I went out and luckily one of my junior high kids told me to grab the rolls. Oh well, I just said that I am just a sub. But then it hit me, what if the real fire happens when I am subbing.


  5. That is so funny! Note to self - train all of my substitute teachers in what to do if we have a fire drill or worse a school lock down. I am always wondering what the subs are thinking? That is hilarious!!!